3 Benefits Of Noseless Bike Saddles

Biking is great for your health. A bicycle can help you improve your cardiovascular health, increase your leg strength, and allow you to get where you need to go while avoiding traffic. Investing in your bicycle can make biking as pleasant an experience as possible. One way you can invest in your bike is by upgrading your standard bike seat to a noseless variety. Here are three reasons to invest in a noseless bike saddle for your bicycle.

1. Increase your comfort, especially on long rides.

Many people give up new exercise routines before they become habits because they find physical activity too uncomfortable. You can increase your chance of sticking with cycling by giving yourself a comfortable ride. Noseless bike saddles evenly distribute your body weight, which can reduce the soreness associated with sitting on bike saddles for long periods of time. Noseless bike saddles are ideal for anyone who uses their bike to commute. Even long-distance biking can be a breeze with the right noseless bike saddle.

2. Improve lower body circulation.

Biking is an activity suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities. However, over time, biking may cause compressed nerves in certain people. Noseless bike saddles can eliminate the risk of pressure hotspots, which can improve the health of your lower body. These bike saddles can be especially beneficial if you have poor circulation. If you've ever felt your legs or buttocks go numb while biking, a noseless bike saddle can eliminate this phenomenon by keeping your nerves free from pinching and compression.

3. Reduce the risk of sexual dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction primarily affects older men, but it can also affect men in their 20s and 30s. Frequent biking may exacerbate erectile dysfunction due to the mechanics involved. Standard bike saddles with a nose can place pressure on the perineum, which in turn can compress the arteries and nerves in this area. If you struggle with ED and you're an avid cyclist, you may want to switch to a noseless bike saddle. The even distribution of weight achievable with this type of bike saddle may help you manage your ED in conjunction with other medical treatments.

These are just a few benefits you can expect from noseless bike saddles. Noseless bike saddles are suitable for men and women. After an initial adjustment period, most people find that cycling with a noseless saddle is just as easy and intuitive as using a traditional saddle. For more information on noseless bike saddles, contact a company like New Light LLC.