Finding The Perfect Yoga Top For Your Bustline

Getting enough exercise is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy body, and there are more exercise options available to Americans than ever before. More and more people are choosing to participate in yoga classes, making yoga big business in the United States. In fact, Americans spend $10.7 billion each year on yoga classes, cute fitness apparel, and accessories.

Finding the right top is essential when it comes to being able to focus on the various stretches performed during a yoga class. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect yoga top for your bustline, so you can spend less time focusing on clothing and more time balancing your chi.

Yoga Tops For Big Busts

Having a well-endowed bust might be a problem when trying to find the type of form-fitting tops that work best for yoga. Despite the fact that the average cup size among American women has increased over the last 20 years from a 34B to a 34DD, clothing manufacturers don't always cater to the needs of the big-busted.

As you shop for exercise clothing, look for a yoga top that has a racer-style back. This design will provide some lift and support for your bust during yoga classes. You might also want to consider investing in a yoga top with some built-in support, like underwires or adjustable straps, which will allow you to maximize your comfort.

Yoga Tops For Small Busts

If your bustline isn't as voluptuous as the average American woman, you may find that some yoga tops can be too revealing. When you don't properly fill out a yoga top, it can be loose under the armpit or around the neckline. This allows the top to gap (revealing more skin than you might be comfortable with) as you bend and stretch during the course of a yoga class.

To avoid wardrobe malfunctions, look for yoga tops that offer some cushioning or removable padding to help you fill out the bust area. It can also be helpful to look for tops that feature horizontal stripes or ruffling near the neckline to make your bust appear larger.

Taking advantage of the health benefits yoga can provide is a great way to maintain your body. Feeling comfortable in your yoga top will allow you to more fully focus on executing the yoga movements demonstrated by your instructor during your next yoga class. Be sure to keep your bustline in mind as you shop, and you will invest in the right kind of tops for your body.