Not Seeing Results From Excessive Jogging? Try These 2 Methods To Get Your Body Ready For The Beach

If you're planning a beach vacation at the end of the summer and have been jogging like a fiend trying to get into shape, you might be frustrated. Jogging is a great cardiovascular exercise, but it's often not enough to transform your body. Depending upon your weight, you will burn anywhere from 125 calories to 230 calories during a thirty minute, 2 mile jog. When you consider that there are around 129 calories in a glass of red wine, then you'll appreciate that you need to do more than just jog to get into shape. Here are the two best methods to add to your routine. 

Diet Is Vital

If you speak with fitness models, bodybuilders, or anyone who has an awesome physique, they will tell you that diet is crucial. You have to eat according to a plan in order to have a good body.

 If you want to lose fat, then you need to eat at a caloric deficit. You will need to find your daily caloric needs and then eat less. Your daily caloric requirement is what you need to maintain your current weight. You can use a calculator and determine how much you need to eat and then adjust it to figure out what you need to lose the weight. You should focus on whole foods. Eliminate everything that is refined from your diet. This includes pastas, sodas, and sweets. Vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, beans and dairy should be the mainstay of your diet. Whole foods are less calorie dense than processed foods, so you feel full without getting as many calories.

Weights Are Not Just For Bulky Bodybuilders

Many people who have never lifted weights before think that weightlifting will make them bulky. This is not the case. It takes bodybuilders years of training, study, and adherence to an incredibly strict diet and supplement regimen to get big. You won't get big and bulky lifting weights as a novice. What will happen is that you will tone up and create modest muscle. This modest muscle will improve your overall physique.

Rather than walk into a gym and start lifting on your own, unsupervised and unguided, it's best to get a personal trainer. Tell them exactly what you want. If you're a guy who wants to pump up your biceps, pecs, and delts and shred your abs, then you're going to follow a different routine than a lady looking to firm up her glutes and tone up her triceps.

You don't want to waste time doing bench presses and rows when what you need are squats and deadlifts. The trainer will not only give you the routine, but will also instruct you on proper form. The wrong form can essentially nullify your sets. For instance, if you squat incorrectly, you might end up using your quads and not your glutes. So make sure you get a trainer and tell them exactly what it is you are looking to improve.

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