A Beginner Yoga Class Offers A Lot To The Advanced Muay Thai Fighter

Muay Thai stands as one of the toughest combat sports a fighter could practice. The art involves striking, clinch work, and throws, so the training program comes with many physical demands. And Muay Thai burns up many calories, which makes hobbyist training appealing. Like any other art, supplementary cross-training helps improve performance. No matter how long a practitioner took up Muay Thai training, yoga classes for beginners could provide many benefits. While the two arts seem disparate, they complement each other well. Consistent yoga class attendance could even improve Muay Thai performance quite a bit.

Transferring the Yoga Benefits

Yoga comes with scores of pronounced physical and mental benefits. Athletes long discovered the value of regular yoga training, which is why so many engage in regular practice. Martial arts studios often offer yoga once or twice a week. Muay Thai students whose gyms don't offer yoga can sign up for classes at a yoga studio. Here are three reasons why:

  • Added Flexibility: Yoga promotes a way of becoming more limber and flexible. Both traits become valuable in everyday life, and they may be even more appreciated in a sport requiring constant kicking.
  • Relaxed Breathing: Improved cardiovascular conditioning proves helpful in all sports. Road work and jumping rope help the cause, and so does yoga, an art that promotes stable breathing.
  • Calmness of Mind: A fettered mind doesn't always remain focused. If yoga can help a practitioner calm down a bit, he/she could perform better in training. Distractions and fight training don't go well together.

These three benefits alone should inspire a Muay Thai fighter to take up yoga. And these aren't the only beneficial reasons to perform yoga.

A Standalone Enjoyable Activity

The news is out: yoga is fun. While Muay Thai also provides an engaging hobby to enjoy, maybe cutting back a little from Muay Thai training and picking up "yoga time" would be a good plan. Unless you are training for a fight, you don't necessarily have to visit the Muay Thai gym four times per week. Cutting back might even be helpful. The physical nature of Muay Thai training can be hard on the body. Cutting back a little and attending a yoga class could give the body a much-needed break from excessive pounding. Maybe you could soon delve into yoga with the same enthusiasm you have for Muay Thai. No rule says you can't enjoy both.