Exercise Recommendations to Keep Your Workouts Effective and Interesting

Exercise in your daily schedule provides you with many benefits. Along with boosting your mood, exercise can increase your energy and help you sleep better while it helps you deal better with stress in your life, especially if you are on a stay-at-home order or quarantine. Here are some recommendations that you can use as you boost your health and physical health with a good exercise plan this winter. 1. Focus on Full Body Workouts Read More 

The Right Weight Room Flooring: Why It Matters

When you get the right weight room flooring in your home gym, you benefit your workouts and your property in many ways. Weight room flooring is about much more than just looking good, the flooring has to serve a certain purpose. Whether you choose mats, corkboard flooring, rubber floors, or stick to a classic cement floor with some supportive rugs, the right flooring matters and should not be ignored. Here's why. Read More 

Working Through Health Issues And Trauma With Yoga

Yoga participation is taking off at record numbers. Right now, there are about 36 million people in the United States that practice some form of yoga. This is a decent portion of the 300 million people around the world that practice the art. No matter what you want to get out of practicing yoga, there are some intrinsic benefits in it for anyone who takes it seriously and practices it with consistency. Read More 

A Beginner Yoga Class Offers A Lot To The Advanced Muay Thai Fighter

Muay Thai stands as one of the toughest combat sports a fighter could practice. The art involves striking, clinch work, and throws, so the training program comes with many physical demands. And Muay Thai burns up many calories, which makes hobbyist training appealing. Like any other art, supplementary cross-training helps improve performance. No matter how long a practitioner took up Muay Thai training, yoga classes for beginners could provide many benefits. Read More 

Are You Going On Your First Solo Adventure? 4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Yoga Retreat

Going on a trip for the first time by yourself is freeing, and you'll come back from your adventure with greater self-confidence and some wonderful memories. Yoga retreats are the ideal first solo vacation because they allow you to stay in a safe environment that is filled with likeminded people. During your time away, you can expect to engage in inspirational yoga classes that strengthen your body and relax your mind. Read More